When youíre looking for an HP Fuser kit it can be a little daunting to find exactly what you need. Thankfully here at USA Printer Guy we have basically every possible type of HP printer Fuser you may need for your home or office printer.

All you need to know is the model number of the printer youíre needing a replacement for and we can take care of the rest for you.

Simple and easy, Isnít it?

Whether youíre looking for OEM Retail fusers or refurbished printer fuser cores, weíve got all of your needs covered with a wide variety of HP fusers. Including the somewhat hard to find 220 volt varieties for european or south american printers, which come at a fraction of what youíd pay in those countries. This is a great opportunity to outfit your satellite offices at substantial cost savings!

If youíre wondering what the difference is between a refurbished or oem retail fuser core, itís similar to anything else you may get that is refurbished. This just means that the HP fuser core would have been used by someone else in the past and it has been fixed, or re-commissioned to be returned back to the original quality however it may have some surface blemishes or scratches. These wonít affect performance in any way, and are simply a great way for USA Printer Guy to help the environment, and your pocketbook all at one time.

USA Printer Guy even has superior quality retail fuser kit bundles. These fuser bundles come with a variety of items you may need for your particular printer needs. Sometimes you might need the power supply along with the fuser, or other times you might just need the fuser. Usually the printer itself will tell you exactly what you need by reading the manual. Or you can also use our resources section to find out about printer error codes that may be displayed which will generally direct you in what part, or parts you may need to fix your printer.

Sometimes you may not be able to determine what the exact issue is with your home or office printer. In these cases, we recommend that you contact us at USA Printer Guy to talk to one of our qualified technicians who can direct you to the proper part or service that your printer requires to get back on itís feet and start printing awesome quality prints again.

Not only do we carry a vast array of HP Fuserís we also have numerous fusers for other brands of printers that your home or office may have. Itís a great idea to get a couple of these so you have them around when it really matters. Weíve had a lot of people call us to order several of these as their printers have gone out of commission when they really needed to get something printed and just couldnít because it was late at night, or the local store didnít have the fuser in stock that they needed. Itís just common sense to be prepared when it comes to this type of thing, especially when business or school is concerned.

As we touched on above, we also do our part to help the environment with our HP fusers. When you place an order for us, youíll get a return shipping label and instructions on how to send your old fuser to us absolutely free so we can clean it up, refurbish it and get it ready to be shipped out to someone else to use. Doing this will also extend your warranty, from the factory 30 to 90 days, up to a full 180 days because we are so confident in our products and how much youíll love them.

Because of the metal, ink, and plastics used in HP fusers, this is a great way to help save the environment and weíre one of the only printer parts providers that offer a service like that. Itís a very big pride point for us, and would be happy to answer any other questions you may have about this through our contact page.

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This is at least my fourth or fifth order from them. Talk about consistency!! This company is awesome. They are very conscience of the customer and the product is great...Ē - Robert, Winter Garden, FL